Standing Seam Metal Roofing Affordable Durability – Metal roofing impacts the roofing industry in the Nashville TN area! Property owners across Middle Tennessee have many options when it comes time to replace their roof. One of those many options is standing seam metal roofing. Statistics show that standing seam metal roofing is making a dramatic impact on the roofing industry!

The demand for standing seam metal roofing is consistently increasing! Data shows metal roofing is up from 3% in 2015 to 11% in 2017.  Metal roofing is second only to the long-standing asphalt shingles and is making a strong run for first place!

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Impacts Roofing Industry


There are many reasons why a homeowner or commercial property owner may select a standing seam metal roof for their roofing project.  Standing Seam Metal roofs offer a sleek aesthetic appeal and overall attractive curb appeal.  This translates into increased value for any property.


Well, its not really unlimited, but there are truly a wide range of colors in metal roofing.  Typically, shingle roofs come in neutral colors with black, beige, browns, and a few reddish tones.  But standing seam metal comes in traditional silvers, bright whites, rich blues, deep greens, farmhouse reds, rich blacks, shiny copper, and even burnished bronze. 



Standing seam roofing offers a compelling balance between durability and affordability, making it an increasingly popular choice for residential and commercial applications. While the initial cost of a  metal standing seam roof may be higher compared to traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, their long-term value and low maintenance requirements contribute to their overall cost-effectiveness. The durable materials used in standing seam roofs, often galvanized steel or aluminum, ensure a lifespan that surpasses many other roofing options. This longevity minimizes the need for frequent replacements or extensive repairs, ultimately saving homeowners or business owners significant expenses over time.


The cost of standing seam roofing can vary based on factors such as the type of material chosen, the complexity of the installation, and the size of the project. On average, the cost per square foot for standing seam metal roofing installation can range from $7 to $15. While this may seem higher than some alternatives, the investment pays off through the roof’s longevity, energy efficiency, and the potential for reduced maintenance costs.


Additionally, the sleek and modern aesthetic of standing seam roofs can enhance a property’s curb appeal, potentially adding to its overall market value. As the demand for energy-efficient and durable roofing solutions continues to grow, standing seam roofing proves to be a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing choice for those looking to invest in the long-term integrity of their buildings.


One of the many metal manufacturers we work with is Metal Sales and you will find they have numerous color sections and finished available!  They even have weathered or crinkle finishes!


Standing Seam Roofing - Copper Roofing for Bay Window Accents

Standing Seam Metal roofing offers longevity and minimal maintenance that many property owners find appealing.  A standing seam metal roof can last 50 years or more. Longevity and low maintenance are just two of the reasons that standing seam metal roofing is becoming the first choice for many property owners. Although significant size hail can damage a metal roof, you will find a standing seam metal roof will be extremely durable against minor storms.


A standing seam metal roof can be used to replace your entire roofing area.  However, it has become extremely popular as an accent roofing product.  Copper Standing Seam adds a beautiful architectural element to a porch, bay window, or porch area.


More and more property owners are looking to protect our environment and are attracted to the sustainability of metal roofing!  Standing Seam Metal roofing is 100T recyclable.  In fact, most aluminum roofing is made from recycled materials.


Metal roofing is reflective and will not absorb heat from the sun as much as a traditional shingle roof.  This makes it much more economical cool your home or business. A standing seam metal roof will reduce your utility bills! 

Standing Seam Metal roofing impacts roofing industryMETAL ADDS A HIGH-END AND UNIQUE LOOK

When it’s time to replace your existing roof, we find that more and more property owners are selecting a standing seam metal roof.  A new standing seam metal roof provides a high-end look with minimal maintenance at an affordable price.  While a slate roof or tile roof may be out of reach for some property owners, a standing seam metal roof can be installed at a price that is affordable to many property owners.





MidSouth Construction is a certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor!  We can replace or repair all types of metal roofing for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Be sure and check out our portfolio for just a few of our metal roofing projects including metal tile, metal shake, standing seam, and ribbed panel metal roofing projects!


We would be happy to provide you with a free roof inspection and written estimate to replace your existing roof with a new standing seam metal roof!  Please call us today at 615-712-8893!


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Standing seam metal roofing impacts the roofing industry and has become second to asphalt shingle roofs. We can replace an entire metal roof or add metal roofing accents to porches, bay windows, or other areas for commercial roofing or residential homes.