Strong Hail Forecast for Nashville, TN and Surrounding Areas.

A Strong hail forecast for Nashville and Middle TN is in place according to NOAA National Weather Service.  Severe storms, including strong straight line winds and large hail may impact Tennessee and parts of Georgia and Alabama today.  Severe storms are expected across multiple states but the greatest threat for tornadoes and large hail storms are centered over Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.  Please be aware of our chances for severe weather and take precautions to be safe today!

Hail can strike in any season and MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractors are here to help homeowners and business owners when their property is in the path of a storm.  Hail stones can range in size from small pea size stones to massive hail stones that have been reported up to 7†diameter!  Hail stones of any size can cause significant roof damage.  Even small hail stones can damage a roof if the storm system drops hail for a long period of time.  Large hail stones can cause immediate damage upon impact, even if the storm is extremely short.

Our knowledgeable roofing contractors are happy to provide free roof inspections for your home or businesses that have been hit by hail.  All too often our roof inspectors discover that the roof has sustained severe damage during a hail storm that the homeowner or commercial property owner were unable to see.  It is very common for property owners to be unaware that their roof has sustained damage because hail damage is usually not visible to the untrained eye.  Hail damaged roofs may not leak for a long period of time.  Sadly, by the time the roof leaks the statute of limitations for filing an insurance claim for a roof replacement has passed.

NOAA is predicting a strong hail forecast which includes thunder storms, tornadoes and strong straight line wind storms today!  If your home or business falls in the path of the passing storms, don’t’ delay, and call MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractor today!  Don’t wait until your roof leaks to call for an inspection!

Our staff includes licensed insurance adjusters as well as roofers and full service general contractors!  Call to have your roof inspected by one of our knowledStrong Hail Forecast Roof Inspectiongeable roofing experts immediately after a hail storm!   We will provide a thorough and honest roof inspection for your home or business!  If we do not find roof damage, we will tell you!  If we do find roof damage we will document the damage with photographs and assist you with the insurance claims process from beginning to end!  Our motto is we don’t repair what needs to be replaced, and we don’t replace what needs to be fix!  We are locally owned and operated and carry an A+ rating with the BBB!

MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractor and Emergency Water Mitigation Company!  If the passing storms cause water to intrusions because of fallen limbs through your roof, roof damage, or even burst pipes, we offer 24/7 water removal services too!  We are your one stop shop for all storm damage restoration!  Water Removal.  Water Mitigation.  Water Damage Restoration!

We Know Roofing!  We Know Insurance!  We Want to Know You!

Call MidSouth Construction today and request a FREE No Obligation Roof Inspection!