• Never, EVER, pay for your entire roofing project upfront. If you are asked to pay in full before the project has begun you need to RUN AWAY from that company – ¦and FAST!
  • If your roof is an insurance claim you should expect to pay your deductible up front before work begins.
  • If your roof is an out of pocket replacement you should expect to pay a deposit for your roof upon acceptance of the agreement. Generally, this should not exceed half of the cost of your project and would depend on any custom ordered materials needed for your specific job.
  • If you are having a minor roof repair completed, generally these repairs are expected to be paid for before the repairs are completed.  For major roof repairs it is customary to pay half down and half upon completion. 

Never Fall for Cash Offers

Any reputable roofing company will report their income and document all roofs installed to the manufacturer to ensure the warranty is valid.  If you are talking with a roofer who is asking for cash upfront, or offering to give a discount for a cash deal, you need to run away again and equally fast! It is very difficult to prove a cash payment made for a roofing project, versus a payment made by a written check, financing, or credit card transaction. Don’t risk having a roof installed that is not covered under warranty.  Or, worse yet, installed improperly or left unfinished!  When should your roofer ask for money? If they are asking for cash the answer is never!

When Should Your Roofer Ask for Money

BBB Statistics on Roofing!

Roofing Contractors have one of the highest complaint records of all businesses according to the BBB. Sadly, this industry is prime for a lot of unreputable contractors who either do shoddy work or collect payment for work never done.  Protect yourself by always researching any roofer you are considering hiring and discuss their payment expectations upfront!  MidSouth Construction is a proud member of the Nashville Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating! 

Don’t Fear the Deposit with a Reputable Roofing Company!

When you select a reputable, licensed general contractor to replace your roof, you should expect to put down some type of a deposit.  This is to ensure that your contract is in good faith – just like a real estate transaction and will help offset the cost of the materials and labor that will need to be provided.

Most roofing projects are very quick and can be completed in one day.  It is not unreasonable to provide a portion of the funds to your roofing contractor upfront so that materials can be ordered and roofing crews scheduled for your installation.  Making a deposit ensures that you are moving forward with the roofer to have your roof installed and materials and labor can be secured.

So How Much Should You Pay the Roofer As Your Deposit?

The answer to this question will depend on your specific roofing project. Large jobs, metal roofs, or jobs with custom ordered materials will require a larger deposit. Small roofs with materials that are readily available may require a smaller deposit.  It truly depends on the details of your specific roofing project.  But typically, your deposit should not exceed 50% of your job total.  For insurance roof replacement jobs, you should expect to pay your deductible upfront and release the first check from the insurance company when the materials are delivered or the roof completed.

Do Your Research and Hire The Best Roofer for your Project!

If you’ve done your research and are hiring a reputable roofing contractor for your home or business, you should not be afraid of paying a deposit upfront.  A locally owned roofing contractor is vested in your community and should have a reputation that makes you feel comfortable working with them. Ensure that your roofer is A+ Rated with the Nashville BBB, Certified with GAF, and has a high customer satisfaction rating with Google and third party vendors like Guild Quality!

For more information on how to find the Best Roofer for your Nashville Roof Replacement please read our other blog articles. We discuss important topics like when should your roofer ask for money. And we also give you a lot of insight on vetting your potential roofer and how to protect yourself from being a victim of subpar workmanship or lack-luster customer service!


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