If you’re a roofing contractor and work outside in the heat you know how important it is to have cold drinks available!  But even if you’re just kicking back and enjoying a well-earned weekend, you still might find a need for a cold drink in your hand!

Coozies have been around for years but you can’t really depend on them for temperature control.  They prevent condensation so your drink won’t slide out of your hand but other than that you need to look elsewhere for temperature control options!  Technology has come a long way and here are just a few of the many options on the market to keep your beverages chilly during those hot days!

The BottleKeeper retails for about ($22). It is a stainless steel bottle wrapped with a neoprene lining.  You simply unscrew the bottom, slide in your bottle and enjoy your cold drink whenever you need it!  It will accommodate most standard size bottles keeps your drink cold for about an  hours.

The Yeti Colster is little higher priced ($29.99) and will hold a 12-ounce can or bottled beverage. It is made with a 18/8 stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation and Yeti’s signature gasket to lock in the cold. It also has a sweat-proof exterior that keeps your fingers dry. Put a cold can in this little container and it will be ice cold more than an hour later!

Arctican ($19.95, from the company that developed the Corkcicle to chill wine) merges the characteristics of a coozie, a thermos and a cold pack. It has two parts: a twist-on base filled with a freezing gel and a cover made of two layers of vacuum-insulated stainless steel. Keep the base in the freezer and when you’re ready to enjoy a drink just twist it onto the can.  Your drink should stay cold in this container for up to three hours!

Corcicle Keeps Drinks Cole

The Chillsner ($29.95 for two) is also from the folks at Corkcicle Simply freeze the insert for at least 45 minutes. Take a sip so there’s room inside the bottle and place the insert into the bottle. Press firmly and drink right through the top.

The Chill Puck ($14.99 for a four-pack) got start-up funding from beer giant MillerCoors.

The molded ice pack is designed to keep canned drinks cool to the last sip. Freeze it, then press and twist it onto the bottom of your beverage Keep a supply in the freezer though. If you’re having multiple beverages, you may need a new one each time you

pop a top.

Don't Loose Your CoolThe IceMule Cooler (starts at $59.95) combines the portability of a backpack with the chilling performance of those hard plastic models. IceMule has welded seams and zero zippers, as well as a watertight roll-top closure, so water has no way to leak out. The IceMule is so impervious to the outside world that even ice stays frozen for 24 hours.

Quick Tip: Science at Work

Need a quick way to chill you drinks?  Submerging your canned or bottled drinks in a tub full of ice is seriously inefficient. What does work is saline. Mix a cup of salt with three cups of water, then pile in the icebergs. In 10 minutes you will have deliciously chilly beverages. The salt keeps the water molecules away from each other, which decreases the freezing point of the water, making it flow around the beverages better. Because the water is moving freely around the cans, they cool down much faster!

We hope you find these tips for keeping your drink cool helpful!  And if you need a roof repair or roof replacement – always contact MidSouth Construction!

Don't Loose Your Cool