Snow, Icicles & Ice Dams Oh My!


Snow, Icicles & Ice Dams Oh My!  Snow is in our forecast once again in the Nashville area! Every child dreams of waking up to a fresh falling snow! Especially if it means they get out of school! To a child, snow means sledding, building snowmen, making snow angels, fun snowball fights, building snow forts and igloos, and enjoying the magical winter wonderland!

But to an adult, snow usually means slippery roads, treacherous sidewalks, and even ice dams and dangerous ice icicles! Many homeowners are unsure of what they should do when snow and ice impact their roof and gutters! If you find yourself faced with snow on your roof – here are a few suggestions on what to do!

Icicles and Ice Dams Go Together!

You may not always get icicles and ice dams together, they are a direct result of each other. It is important to understand what causes them so you can possibly prevent these from occurring! Ice dams are caused by improper insulation. Inadequate insulation allows heated air to flow through your attic heating the roof. This causes the build up of snow and ice to melt. While that may sound like a good thing – it is not! Snow that melts too rapidly will creep under your shingles and enter your home causing extensive interior damage! To add more problems, the melted snow can also refreeze if temperatures drop, especially at night, putting too much pressure on your gutters and creating ice dams that trap water and can damage your fascia, backup in your valleys and cause interior damage. trapping pools of water. Ice dams are very damaging to your home and can cause excessive damage through wood rot, damaging both your insulation and drywall and can even be so severe that your flooring can sustain water damage!

Never Try Remove Icicles!

Ice is always unpredictable – whether it’s on the roads or the roof! Trying to climb a ladder and remove icicles is extremely dangerous and can harm you and also damage your home! You should also never attempt to hit the ice off of the roof or gutters with a tool because this will actually cause more damage! Putting pressure on these areas by hitting them can cause them to collapse or result in excessive denting and damage.

If snow has started to accumulate on your roof but has not turned to ice, homeowners can use a snow rake to remove some of the snow while standing firmly on the ground! A snow take is an aluminum tool with a telescoping pole that can be used to reach your roof safely. However, it is important to stay away from electrical wires and power lines that may be running to your home and across the roof.

Prevention is the BEST Approach to Ice Dams!

Preventing ice dams and excessive ice build up on your roof and gutters is actually a fairly easy task! It just takes a little preparation and minor modifications to your home!
• Check your attic for air leaks and add extra insulation as needed
• Check existing attic insulation to ensure it is at least 8†thick.
• Consider upgrading old insulation to new blownin type cellulose or fiberglass insulation
• Have ridge vent installed to allow maximum air-flow and ventilation
• Replace your old attic insulation with blown-in cellulose or fiberglass more than 8 inches thick.
• Install a continuous ridge vent across the peak of the roof to allow for maximum ventilation.
• Have ice and water shield installed in your valleys. This is invasive if your roof is already installed but is a much needed item during your next roof replacement!

By planning ahead and taking a few steps now to prepare for cold snowy weather, your roof and interior of your home can have a safe and warm interior all winter long!

If your roof has existing snow and ice that has formed, please contact a professional roofing contractor to access your situation and provide their recommendation! At Midsouth Construction, Nashville’s Master Elite Roofing Company, we are happy to provide free roof inspections and estimates for any type of roofing repairs, replacements and even water damage restoration!

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Snow, Icicles & Ice Dams Oh My!
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Snow, Icicles & Ice Dams Oh My!
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