Slate Roof Installed on Vintage Nashville Home

Another beautiful vintage slate roof project is underway on a home just outside of Nashville, TN.  Slate roofing provides a beautiful roofing system that comes with a lifetime of unmatched durability

Slate Roofing is Long Lasting

Slate Roofing is arguably the longest latest roofing material available today  A slate roof is top qualiy that provides a unique beauty and a lifetime of durability for any home or business.  Even under the harshest weather conditions, a slate roof will last 100 years or more!

Vintage Home Gets New Slate Roof

Our latest slate roof project is for a vintage home that is undergoing a major renovation and addition.  The addition of a natural slate roof will give instant old-world charm.  It will also blend the new construction and original construction flawlessly. With an almost unlimited range of colors, shapes, and sizes there is a slate roof that will fit any roofing project from contemporary new construction to historic estates.

Slate roofing is a smart investment

This particular roof is a Vermont Slate multiwidth roof with all copper flashings and accessories.  Another beautiful slate roofing project with quality materials installed with expert workmanship! The end result will be a quality home that will last a lifetime and stand the test of time. A slate roof should be considered an investment on any upscale home or property.  However with his low maintenance and durability, it is a smart investment and dramatically increases the value of this home.  A slate roof is a sought after amenity for many home buyers!

Slate Roofing is a Smart Investment

While a slate roof is definitely more expensive than a traditional shingle roof, or metal roof, its historical lifespan makes it an excellent ROI.  If you plan to stay in your home for many years, or if your home is a family homeplace that you want to remain in your family for generations to come, a slate roof is a wise choice!  A natural slate roof will outlast a 3 tab shingle roof that would need to be replaced up to three times in the same lifespan.  There is nothing more unique on any home’s exterior than a natural slate roof!  If you want you homes exterior to reflect luxury, quality and uniqueness then consider installing a slate roof!

Nashville Slate Roofing Vintage

Slate Roofing is Durable!

In addition to lasting over 100 years, a natural slate roof can withstand even the harshest weather conditions!  A properly installed slate roof will stand up against strong straightline wind and even hail storms!  While any roof, including a slate roof, can be damaged by wind and hail, it will take a much more significant storm to damage a slate roofing system!  If you do have a slate tile that is damaged, they can also be repaired!  Slate roofing is also resistant to fire!  A slate roof can help minimize fire damage and save things in your home that are priceless! When you invest in a slate roof you invest in a beautiful roof with a lifetime of durability!

Slate Roofing Experts!

If you are considering installing a slate roof on an existing home or business, our staff of professional slate roofing experts will be happy to meet and provide a free estimate.  MidSouth Construction Roofing Contractors s a member of the Slate Roofing Contractors Association and recognized as Nashville’s leading roofing company for installation and repair of slate roofing systems. We are also experts and insurance claims for slate roofing. Asbestos shingles that are damaged need to be replaced with natural slate since it is the only comparable roofing product on the market.  We have extensive experience in asbestos slate roofing and natural slate roofing insurance claims!  Please contact our office and request an inspection and estimate for your specific slate roofing needs!