How To Remove

from your Google Maps Listing

How To Remove

How to remove from your Google Maps listing. Today is not our typical roofing contractors blog.  In fact, this post has absolutely nothing to do with roofing but addresses something I hope will be helpful to others!  I check our information on the internet regularly to make sure everything is accurate and does not need to be updated.

Recently, I was shocked to see that our Google Maps listing suddenly had a new category for “Products and Services” which then contained a link to  To aggravate this situation, the services listed by Singleplatform for our company was completely inaccurate.


Since we depend on our Google Maps listing to accurately reflect our business and services that we offer this was extremely concerning!  Anyone who would click that link would not be directed to our website or phone number.  And, would most likely go find another company because the singleplatform listing reflected we did service on water heaters, swamp pumps (whatever that is!) and other items that are not connected to our business.  I immediately logged into our Google My Business account but after searching for what seemed like forever I could not find out how to fix this problem!  Why and how singleplatform was allowed to post inaccurate information on our business listing is still confusing and hard to comprehend. So I knew I had to figure out how to remove from your google maps listing on my own!

I felt like that has got to be other businessowners or website developers that are running into this exact same problem!  In fact, I googled this issue and found numerous people complaining about this exact same thing and no one was able to answer their question on HOW to remove this link other than to contact Google and Singleplatform…which we all know can take much too long especially when you feel your business is being impacted negatively.  So…here are the simple steps you need to take in order to correct this problem:


  1.  Log into your Google My Business Account – make sure you are the authorized person for this account.
  2. Click on INFO on the left hand side.
  3. Click the pencil to edit your category (usually in the blue section right under your business name)
  4. Remove your first or primary category and hit apply.  I know…just trust me you HAVE to do this to fix the problem.
  5. Go back and add Restaurant as your primary category and hit apply.  Again…just trust me because this will work!
  6. You should now be able to scroll down and see the URL for singleplatform that needs to be removed.
  7. Highlight this bad URL and hit delete and then hit apply.
  8. Go back to the same line for menu and add your correct URL and then hit apply.
  9. Scroll to the top of your listing and click “View on Search” to confirm the changes were accepted.
  10. Go back to the categories section and remove “Restaurant” and enter your correct category and hit apply.


The link should now be removed and your listing is back to the correct category. The only downfall is changing your category may not be approved immediately by Google.  If this is the case you can always reach out to Google Maps customer service and explain the situation and they should be able to get this corrected for you while you wait.  The number is 844-491-9665.

If you are finding this blog then I know you are probably as frustrated as I was upon discovering this link showing up on our Google My Business listing!  I hope this will help know how to remove from your google maps listing. You get the problem resolved quickly!  And if you ever need restoration services of fire or water damage, or roofing services for commercial or residential roofing – please contact Nashville’s top roofing contractors, MidSouth Construction!  We are pleased to once again be reflected in the proper category for roofing contractors and free of the singleplatform link!