Roofing materials today come in a wide range of colors, materials, sizes, and overall appearance. From natural slate roof to man made shingles that mimics slate, or perhaps a standing seam metal roof or a metal tile roof! The options for roof installation today are almost limitless. So what kind of roofing is best for you?


Our project managers will work with you to determine the answer to this question which can be complicated! The first and possibly most important fact to consider is your budget! While a natural slate roof is certainly beautiful and offers more than a lifetime of durability, the cost make make it prohibitive to your specific budget, or may simply to expensive based on the appraised value of your home.


Another factor to consider is the style of your home. A standing seam metal roof is extremely durable and energy efficient as well. It can look quite stunning on a home or business and provide a clean industrial look or a farm-house style appearance. But, if you have a traditional brick ranch home, this may not be the overall look that you wish to achieve with your new roof. Metal tiles are another options to metal roofing that many people find extremely attractive and give more of a cottage type feel compared to the industrial or farm-house theme.

Composite Shingles Are A Popular Choice for Roof Replacements 

Composite shingles are historically what people think of for residential roofing and range from a 3-tab to the architectural shingle and ultimate the designer shingles.  The heavy weight designer shingle options are made to mimic wood, slate or unique dimensions and are stunning. This is the most affordable type of roofing system available and is extremely popular. With an affordable upgrade to the more unique designer shingles, your home can really stand out while providing exceptional protection for your interior.  Don’t have the money to invest in a natural slate roof?  Opt for a faux slate shingle like the GAF Slateline instead!  MidSouth is a certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor with GAF and offers 25 year workmanship warranties! 

Some Roofing Questions For You To Consider:

  • Will my existing framing support the roof of my dream?
  • What type of roofing is recommended for the pitch of my home?
  • Does it go with the style of my home and add rather than take away from appearance?
  • Is it acceptable by my HOA or local building codes?
  • What is the expected lifespan for this type of roofing?
  • Does the cost, or investment, make sense for the market value of my home?
  • Will it fit within my budget?

How Much Will My Roof Cost?

The final cost of your roof will be determined by the complexity of your roof, the size, how steep it is, and of course the type of roofing materials you select.  For more information on the cost of a metal roof, or other luxury roofing, read our blog on Get Clarity How Much Will My Roof Cost?


There are so many things to consider when trying to select a roof that is perfect for your home or business!  What type of roofing is best for you?  That is a complicated question and why is it so important to work with an experienced roofing company. Our experienced team who can help guide you through these decisions. No matter what type and style of replacement roof you select, it is critical that it be properly installed and meet current building code and manufacturer requirements.


MidSouth Construction – Full Service General Contractors

You can trust MidSouth Construction to install a top quality roofing system that will provide you will years or low maintenance protection for your home! We are Nashville’s top rated roofing company for all types of roofing!  Call us at 615-606-ROOF today and request a free quote!



What Kind of Roofing Is Right For You?
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What Kind of Roofing Is Right For You?
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